A download and demo of our smell display tool.

Download Prototype

Note that with our current prototype:


You can download the plugin by pointing Eclipse at the following update site:


The prototypes of our tools can be downloaded by using subversion to check out the tools into your Eclipse workspace. Point your subversion client at:


And check out the following modules:



Please be patient... these may take a few moments to load!

Our ambient smell detector lives on the right edge of the program editor:

As you scroll, the detector stays in the same position and editor text flows over top. Each wedge represents a separate smell. As you scroll through your program, your context and thus the visible smells change. In the current implementation of the tool, your context is the methods (whole, or partial) currently visible in the editing window. As the smells change, the wedges change in size, where the bigger the wedge the stronger the smell:

If you see something strange, such as a very large wedge, you can mouse over that wedge to see what smell is responsible:

If you wish to see more information, you can click on that smell's label to see a detailed explanation. Below, there are 2 occurrences of a Data Clump smell, both of which happen to be on screen: